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    • Cable tray by Human Scale: Designed to house and route cables, power strips and ballasts, NeatLinks improve access to and protection of technology used in modern workspaces. The system keeps technology and cords off the floor to maintain an organized work area and facilitate cleaning under desks. NeatLinks are designed for quick, easy installation—in any direction, to almost any plane—with two screws or mounting tape, and can be installed in countless configurations to accommodate each user and unique work environment.


      • Sleek, unobtrusive design • Accommodate power strips, multiple ballasts and a wide array of cables • Curved, finger-friendly angle at ends of each channel eases routing and ensures visual access • Reduce clutter and associated hazards • Facilitate cleaning under desks • Easy installation with two screws or double-sided tape • Tape can support 3.6kg (8 lbs.) of equipment for 10 years or more • Size options Diameter: Small: 66mm (2.6”) for cables Large: 91mm (3.6”) for power strips, ballasts Length: Small: 430mm (17″) Large: 610mm (24″) • Finish options: Silver and Black • Textured surface hides fingerprints • Fire-retardant additive reduces fire risk • Made of 50% recycled, 100% recyclable ABS • 10 years warranty • Made predominantly of plastic • Contains 50% recycled content • 100% recyclable • Ships in 85% recycled packaging

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