Diffrient World Chair by Human Scale





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    • Specifications:


      • Full mesh chair for stress free seating over long periods of time
      • Mechanism-free recline action provides automatic, balanced support at all points throughout recline
      • Fixed Duron arms
      • Pivoting backrest, backrest recline 22º plus 7º backrest tilt
      • Soft casters for hard floors
      • Form-sensing Mesh Technology featuring tri-panel, non-stretch mesh construction
      • Low-abrasion Mesh protects clothing while providing optimum breathability
      • Standard gas cylinder with 125 mm height adjustment
      • Height 925 – 1055 mm (36.5” -41.5”)
      • Width 660 mm (26”), base width 610 mm (24”)
      • Seat height 405-535 mm (16”-21”)
      • Fits users between 152 cm (5’0”) and 193 cm (6’4”)
      • Carries user weight between 45 and 110 kg (100 to 245 lbs.)
      • Weight 14 kg (31 lbs.)
      • 10 years warranty except for Mesh (5 years of single shift use)




      • Textile seat


      Diffrient World chair’s tri-panel backrest hugs the body to provide tailor-made lumbar support, while its mesh seat eliminates contact stress under the thighs. But Diffrient World’s major innovation is its mechanism-free recline action, which leverages two parts of the chair’s frame and the laws of physics to provide automatic, balanced support throughout the full range of recline. No chair is more intuitive, creating the ultimate user-friendly sitting experience.


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