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    • IDESK PLAIN:   Simply an object of beauty for any office whether creative or analytical. Great for big screens and multiple users. The absence of legs on the side makes the access very smooth and comfortable. The unobstructed design and quality protected finish create a piece of furniture (art) that you will never grow tired of. Whether in black or white, the Idesk immediately focusses the attention in a room. For the style conscious and lovers of the extravagant, creative thinkers and hard working creatives looking for a lean and efficient work space with little to no disctraction from the essential. Even though we called it the Idesk, it will also accept other brands without a fruit in the logo.


      • Height: 778-734 mm (back to front)
      • Depth: 850 mm
      • Width: 1700 mm
      • MDF + solid wood
      • Integrated cable canal in the central foot

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