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    • IDESK 19″:
      A unique workspace for musicians and producers that love style – resolutely modern design with unobstructed lines and a great flow.
      Using white and black gloss, and a no nonsense approach to functionality allows us to minimize clutter and keep to the essential elements in today’s production ambiente. By using high quality, dual component lacquers and manual sanding in a 5 layer process we give you a stylish and yet robust finish that is light years away from the dark control rooms of yesteryear. We have developed this line with one goal in mind: create a bright, friendly environment that invites you to work during long hours without fatigue.
      The central foot of the Idesk, with an incorporated cable canal is discreet yet strong enough to carry the desk and the rack units you might want to insert. Reinforced with solid wood in the right places, the design offers a unique combination of airiness and strength. An eye catcher indeed!


      • Height: 778-734 mm (back to front)
      • Depth: 850 mm
      • Width: 1700 mm
      • 2 x 4 Rack units
      • MDF + solid wood
      • Integrated cable canal in the central foot
      IDESK MAXI 19″:
      The Idesk MAXI with a larger foot, more rackspace (12 instead of 8 RU) and a bigger surface: 90 x 200cm. Now you can fit that 30″ screen between the two rack bays! There are two versions available, the Idesk MAXI or BIG, that is basically a larger version of the normal Idesk, but with more rackspace, more space in between the racks and a larger and more stable foot to support the whole desk. There will also be a solid wood version  of this desk without the glossy paint to show what it is made of. And there is the Broadmaster, as the name suggests it is destined to the radio or TV studio with lots of outboard and zet a slick and useable surface for getting the work done. As you can see in the picture from the stand in Frankfurt, there will also be a corner element to join two Idesk Big or Broadmasters together to form a complete working environment. We have already some orders from the southern part of Europe who like this airy, light design rather than the more tough and functional design from some of our colleagues.


      • Height: 845-803 mm (back to front)
      • Depth: 900 mm
      • Width: 2000 mm
      • 2 x 6 Rack units
      • MDF + solid wood
      • Integrated cable canal in the central foot

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